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I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes

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I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Once diagnosed, does diabetes ever go away?

Diabetes is a progressive, chronic disease that is characterized by an insulin deficiency and an insulin malfunction or insulin resistance that can result In elevated blood sugars. Due to these defects, diabetes can’t  just go away. The good news is that diabetes can be controlled. 2 factors that increase your risk of developing diabetes is being overweight and having high blood lipids or cholesterol. Treatment options that help control your blood sugars include; taking medications that lower blood sugars, eating coped “healthy”(e.g. , eating regular meals, smaller in portions and Lower fat food choices), participating in the regular cardiovascular exercise and occasional resistance training. These recommendations may assist in reducing weight and lowering high lipids in the blood. If weight and high blood lipids are reduced the main resistance is reduced and your insulin may function better, which helps in controlling your blood sugars

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