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Danger of Foot Complications from Diabetes

Diabetes can profoundly affect the health of your feet, resulting in foot ulcers, infections, Charcot foot, gangrene or even amputation.  At Diabetes Guardians, our mission is to deliver online education that simplifies complex concepts about diabetic foot complications, empowering you with knowledge for better health management.

Dr. Paul Han states that prevention through patient education is the most cost effective and the most powerful tool to empower our patients of diabetes.

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Our recommendation for people with diabetes

  1. Learn to recognize and identify any subtle signs or symptoms in the foot and the leg and get podiatric intervention in a timely manner.

  2. Visit a podiatrist at least twice a year for regular preventive care. Our nations’ podiatrists are specialists and true guardians for prevention of diabetes-related foot complications.

  3. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and take your medications as directed by your health care provider.

Dennis Quaid & Diabetes Guardians video

What's My Foot Got To Do With My Diabetes
Also available in Spanish and Chinese.

"Use my book as a guide to recognize any signs and symptoms before diabetic foot."

Dr. Paul Han - What's the Foot Got To Do With My Diabetes


Clinical professor of Podiatric Surgery

City of Hope National Comprehensive Cancer Center

Our Mission

We are dedicated to raising awareness about the resources accessible for those dealing with foot-related complications arising from diabetes

We are developing an extensive suite of educational resources aimed at enhancing understanding of the complications stemming from diabetes, and providing guidance on preventive measures.

When we educate individuals with diabetes about their condition we not only enrich the lives of the patients but also contribute positively to society as a whole.

Our aspiration is to aid individuals with diabetes worldwide in reaching this pivotal understanding.

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