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Diabetic Foot Guide

Test Yourself for Useful Knowledges for Diabetic Foot Wound Prevention

Read the book, then take the quizzes after each chapter.  

Answer these 15 questions taken from the 3rd edition “What’s the Foot Got to do With My Diabetes.”

Try to score at least a 65% on each quiz.


Great job!  You passed the self assessment quiz.

Sorry, you did not pass the self assessment quiz.  Review “What’s the Foot Got to do With My Diabetes.”

#1. If you have neuropathy in your feet, this means it would be difficult for you to notice any cut, sore or infection on the foot? (Chapter 1)

#2. If you have motor neuropathy from diabetes, you would eventually become paralyzed and walking becomes impossible? ( Chapter 1)

#3. Although your foot is swollen and hot, as long as there is no pain, it is not considered a problem? ( Chapter 8)

#4. Diabetic foot ulcer develops when there is a problem of blood circulation, but as long as there is no pain from foot ulcer, it is not a concern? ( Chapter 2)

#5. People with diabetes who smoke cigarettes, have high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol level are more prone to foot complications and amputation? ( Chapter 2)

#6. Brown patches on the skin of legs of diabetic indicate the beginning of neuropathy of diabetic? ( Chapter 4)

#7. You must soak the foot in the warm water with iodine or alcohol solution when you have an infected ingrown toenail? ( Chapter 5)

#8. To prevent blood under the toenail, you should buy one size larger than your usual shoe size? ( Chapter 10)

#9. When soft callus between the toes becomes infected, the spread of infection is much faster than any other foot infection? ( Chapter 6)

#10. a hot, swollen, red foot may indicate you have an infection or Diabetic Charcot foot? ( Chapter 8)

#11. Any diabetic feet with high probability of foot ulcers and infection should be considered for corrective foot surgeries before problems begin? ( Chapter 9)

#12. Any shoe arch support that you can buy from a drug store is good for diabetics? ( Chapter 10)

#13. An over-the-counter acidic callus remover is very effective if you have callus on your toes? ( Chapter 6)

#14. If you have a small cut on your foot, the best antiseptic medicine to apply is iodine solution three times day? ( Chapter 12)

#15. Improper shoe fit can lead to Diabetic Foot complications? ( Chapter 10)


Learn how to identify and treat diabetic feet issues before it’s too late.

What's My Foot Got To Do With My Diabetes

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