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Pressure Injuries in Diabetics

Sites of Pressure Injuries in Bedridden Diabetics

  • Breakdown of the skin can occur at the prolonged pressured areas. The pressure sores in the heel can be difficult to heal in diabetics. Bedridden patients, especially diabetics, should carefully monitor pressured areas such as the heel.

An Example of Diabetic with a Pressure Sore

  • This patient was found to have a stage I pressure injury on the left heel. Treatment at this stage is to alleviate pressure off of the heel from the bed.

Advanced to Deeper Injury

  • Even with immediate pressure off from the bed, the deeper tissues already have undergone irreversible tissue injury.
  • If it further complicates with infection of the deeper tissues, advances to the leg and becomes septic (bacteria in blood), an amputation of the leg may become necessary to save the life of the patient.