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Calluses in Diabetes

How do you get calluses?

Build-up of the thick skin over the bony prominences at the ball of the foot is calluse. It is the ground force pressed on the bony prominence creates calluses (hard and thick skin). Continued shearing force from the ground pressure causes the thick skin to break and often see bleeding under the calluse.

How do you get infection from calluse that would cause amputation?

  • From shearing and friction from the ground, the calluses at the bottom of the foot can break down and ulcerates.
  • The bone under the ulcer may get infected, and eventually gangrene may set in.

Infected Calluse in diabetics with poor circulation

  • This type of ulcer is diffifult to heal if you have both neuropathy and circulation problem.
  • This patient had a painless ulceration with gangrene.