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Toe Deformities in Diabetes

Example High Risk Toe Deformity

Hammertoe deformity in diabetes

The most common cause of diabetic foot and leg amputation can be traced back to neglected corns and calluses that are ulcerated, gets infected and became gangrene.

How do you get toe deformity?

Motor nerves of the foot control the muscles and tendons of the foot. If damaged from diabetes, it is called motor neuropathy which is responsible for the development of various foot deformities in diabetics. Shoe irritaion on the top of the toes results in a buildup of thick skin called a corn.

How is a toe deformity so dangerous in diabetics?

There is pressure from ill-fitting shoe on the corns. The diabetic who has a problem of feeling pain because of neuropathy allows the skin to breakdown and gets infection. Then it becomes an ulcer. Underlying toe bones can be exposed and infected. This may then require an amputation of the toe, foot or a leg.