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Diabetes and Circulation Problems

Diabetic Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

  • Circulation problems of the foot are more common and severe in diabetics. The problems happen because your arteries in the leg get harden and narrow.
  • Your legs maybe cooler than the arms. You gradually lose hairs on your feet and toes. Your skin of the legs and feet is paper thin and shiny.

Do not ignore calf pain !

  • If you have pain in the calf or thigh when you walk, but goes away when stop walking, You maybe developing a circulation problem.
  • It is the worst case if you have calf pain when lying in bed but goes away by standing up and walk around.
  • You should let your doctor know immediately.

Signs of circulation problems in the foot & leg

  • In severe case, your feet can be dark and blueish while sitting, but turns pale when you elevate the foot to the level above the heart while lying.

Smoking and Diabetes

Diabetic people who smoke cigarettes tend to have higher blood pressure and higher level of blood cholesterol compared to non-smokers. They are more prone to develop circulation problem and neuropathy. They are at higher risk of amputations.