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An ounce of knowledge may save your leg from diabetes.

“For diabetic patients, the lifetime risk of having a foot ulcer and infection is about 20% to 25%. The average healing time for a diabetic foot ulcer is 100 days. A tremendous amount of time and money is spent treating diabetic foot ulcers. It has been reported that 40% of diabetic foot ulcers eventually require an amputation.
As a diabetic foot and ankle specialist over 30 years, I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of educating diabetic patients on how to recognize early signs and subtle changes that occur in their body that can lead to foot ulcers. With the right knowledge, they will know when to seek medical care well before foot ulcers and wounds happen.”


Clinical Professor of Podiatric Surgery
City of Hope

This book has been praised by nationally prominent physicians

“Diabetic foot wounds impose a substantial burden on the US public & private payers. This book teaches patients how to recognize impending foot problems so they get care before ulcers develop”

Dr. Tirso Del Junco, Jr, MD
Chief Medical Officer
KPC Healthcare

I emphasize that we should teach diabetic patients how to recognize signs in their foot that may precede to foot ulcers. This book does that.”

Dr. Raynald Samoa, MD
Assistant Professor of Endocrinology

Dr. Samoa has authored articles regarding health equity. He has testified to the House of Representative Ways and Means Committee during a session entitled THE DISPROPORTIONATE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON COMMUNITIES OF COLOR. 
Dr. Samoa serves on the PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN’S ADVISORY COMMISSION on Asian American, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders and is the Co-Chair of the Data Disaggregation Subcommittee.

“This book is a comprehensive guide for diabetic patients to help recognize early signs of diabetic foot problems.”

Dr. Fouad Kandeel, MD PhD
Distinguished Chair, Arthur D. Riggs Diabetes &
Metabolism Research Institute at City of Hope

“This book teaches diabetic patients to be more proactive in diabetic foot amputation prevention.”

Dr. Diane Branks, DPM, FABFAS, DABPM
Immediate Past President
California Podiatric Medical Association

“This book is well written and gives the facts, tools, and resources needed to empower our patients with diabetes”

Dr. Laura Pickard, DPM
American Podiatric Medical Association

“This book provides valuable information to our diabetic patients through real-life scenarios of Dr. Han’s patients of the last 30 years.”

Dr. Ping Wang, MD
Professor and Chair
Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology
City of Hope